Are High Gas Prices Affecting Your Health and Wellness?

Are High Gas Prices Affecting Your Health and Wellness? – (cross-posted at BlogHer)

With gas prices going up and up, many people are facing difficult choices when it comes to their health. From not being able to afford their medications, to buying less expensive (usually unhealthy) foods at the supermarket…They are being forced to make financial decisions that may be bad for their health.

Last year I did a post about how a major medical crisis (such as cancer) could force a person to choose between lifesaving medications, and paying their mortgage.

How Much Is Your Life Worth?

But, it’s not only major medical problems that can land people in this situation. It’s also people with chronic illnesses who require daily medications, that are feeling the pinch.

This is from Chronic Chick Talk…

Living with a chronic illness comes with a lot of considerations. You have medications you need, food and you need gas to get to a doctors office. They all seem to work together you need food to survive just to get to the doctors office to get medicine, but you have to have gas to get to the doctor. When you’re on a fixed income it’s difficult to get to the doctor. You’re stuck with the chose of giving your car gas or putting food in your stomach.

And, Are You Stressing Over Money? Don’t forget how harmful stress can be on our health. If your spending a considerable amount of time worrying about money, and how you are going to pay for things, you could be making a chronic illness worse, or even develop a new problem (like high blood pressure).

Running on Fumes…

Families are faced with the challenge of trying to make adjustments to their budgets as prices rise and incomes fall. But personal savings are already close to zero, and families have borrowed record amounts to make ends meet in recent years. That leaves little room to shift around expenses and no savings to dip into as times are getting tough. It also makes borrowing more money difficult, since many families already have large bills to pay to their creditors.

What about the sick and elderly, who rely on charities that are being hurt by high gas prices? This is another way gas prices can affect health. From (CBS)

Charities that deliver meals to the elderly and sick are being hit extra hard by the sky-high cost of gas.

From a post by the Wired Sisters…“Poor” is a Four-Letter Word

Some of us can remember the old days of “welfare”, when poor people, who were mostly not working, could at least make up in time for what they lacked in money. Today, poverty, except for those physically unable to work, means having no money and no time. Poor people’s jobs provide no paid time off, even for such necessities as illness, childcare failures, medical appointments, repair appointments, funerals, jury duty, school conferences, and voting. And a lot of poor people have to have two or more of these jobs. Unavoidably, taking time off always means losing money, and usually means losing a job. Not taking time off can mean guaranteeing that the next generation will be poorly educated, in poor health, and—well—poor.

Do you need medications, but you can’t afford them? You could qualify for no or low cost prescription drugs…

When You Can’t Afford Medication…

There are a number of options for people who cannot afford medications. Please look into all of them before stopping a medication that is working or refusing a medication that has been prescribed for you. While you are looking into these options, be upfront with your doctor about your financial situation. Your doctor may know of additional options (something exclusive to where you live).

You may have heard Montel Williams talk about how to get free or low cost medications, it’s called Free Medicine Foundation

As a nationwide patient-advocacy organization, Free Medicine Foundation links patients to free or very low-cost prescription plans available to eliminate or substantially reduce their prescription cost. Many sponsors have pledged that no patient in need should go without coverage and evaluate needs on a case-by-case basis.

If you find that you cannot afford to buy your medicine at retail prices, make too much money to qualify for public assistance such as Medicaid or your medical insurance coverage does not pay for outpatient prescription drugs, then you may qualify to enroll in a privately sponsored program that could provide free prescription medicine.

How have high gas prices affected you health and wellness?

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