Take The Trans Out Of Our Fats

Happy to report…I am feeling much better, and ready to talk about the ban on trans fats in California.

This is a trend I would definitely like to see continue. Nothing good can come from the consumption of trans fats. So, if foods we love to eat, can be prepared, and taste just as good without it, then I say…take it out!

Take the trans out of our fats!

From Huffington Post

California on Friday became the first state to ban trans fats from restaurant food, following several cities and major fast-food chains in erasing the notorious artery-clogger from menus.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that will ban restaurants and other retail food establishments from using oil, margarine and shortening containing trans fats.

In a statement, Schwarzenegger noted that consuming trans fat is linked to coronary heart disease.

From Sarah White at Calorie Counter News

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a measure that would ban the use of trans fats in food products sold in the state. The fats would have to be gone from restaurants by 2010 and from bakeries by 2011.

Violators of the law would face fines ranging from $25 to $1,000. The law does not apply to prepackaged products from manufacturers, such as mass-produced baked goods sold in grocery stores.

Instead, the ban will focus on “food facilities” such as restaurants, delis, bakeries and cafeterias.

From Eater LA…

In case you didn’t know: “Consuming trans fat is linked to coronary heart disease, and today we are taking a strong step toward creating a healthier future for California,” says the Governator.

Stephenie Cion wrote – Is Eating Out Getting Healthier?

I’m also happy to see that the laws are already prompting some restaurants to alter their menus, offering more healthy choices. I hope they can make these changes without sacrificing flavor.

A few people complain that New York City’s ban robs consumers’ freedom of choice (just like its laws banning public smoking). Still, the trans fat law seems to be a prudent measure; after all, according to the city’s Trans Fat Health Center, trans fats are responsible for at least 500 deaths from heart disease in New York City each year!

Pajamadeen wrote – Calgary’s Lower Trans Fat Restaurant Rules

If you’re eating out in Calgary, the New Year just became a little bit healthier. Starting on New Year’s Day, Calgary became the first Canadian city to regulate the amount of trans fat in restaurant foods.

This is from Erika Pitera and her post on Vitamin D and Heart Health

Some of the most common food sources of vitamin D include fortified milk, salmon, cod liver oil and sardines. By maintaining a balanced diet that limits calories, trans fat, saturated fat, sodium and dietary cholesterol, you may be more likely to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

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So…What do you think? Is it o.k. for the government to regulate what we eat? Personally, when it comes to trans fats, I think it’s a great idea.

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  1. July 26, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    I just read that story about California, too! Wow…

    You know where I’d love to see government regulation of food is SAFETY! That needs some real improvement.

    But as far as trans fats go, I wish school foods would catch up. Not sure about other cities, but the NYC public schools does still allow a tiny amount of trans fat into the lunches. Allowing adults to make their own decisions is one thing, but I wish we protected kids better.

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