#1 Tip for Dieting & Weight-Loss Success

Number One Tip for Dieting & Weight-Loss Success — by Catherine Morgan

When it comes to losing weight, the single most important thing to do is…

Stock up on the healthy foods and get rid of any unhealthy foods in your house.  

First, purge your kitchen of all unhealthy foods (especially the ones that are most tempting). It’s hard enough to avoid food temptations when you are out, so don’t let your house be another place with foods that will come between you and your weight-loss success.

Then, get as much healthy food in your house as possible.  Make sure that some of it can be eaten with little or no preparation.

Here are some tips on how to do that…

  • Buy pre-washed veggies from the produce section of your supermarket. Not only can you grab them and eat them cold, but many are actually in microwavable bags so you can use them easily with a warm meal (or alone) as well.
  • Buy some frozen diet meals (make sure you check the nutrition labels; some are better than others). These can be very helpful if you need something to bring into work, or are just getting home and realizing you are really hungry and don’t want to take the time to cook. Whenever possible, don’t eat these meals by themselves.  A great way to make these meals healthier and more filling is to add a serving or two of fresh or frozen vegetable to them.
  • Buy healthy snacks and nuts.  But as soon as you get home, put them in those little snack bags (half the size of sandwich bags) so you can easily grab a bag that has already been portioned out. This prevents you from sitting with a whole bag of snacks or nuts in front of the television and not even realizing you have eaten half the bag.
  • If you have time, use those little snack bags to portion control some of your fresh fruit (like grapes, berries, cherries).  Wash them first and they will be a great snack for on the go, or when you are just looking for something quick. I love to clean fresh grapes and blueberries then put them in the freezer to eat frozen (they are delicious, plus they take longer to eat).
  • If you like fish, instead of buying it at the seafood counter, most grocery stores have the same fish in the frozen section and it is already individually wrapped by portion size. This can save you both time and money.
  • If you enjoy cooking, make some healthy, low-fat meals that you can freeze for when you need something quick or to bring with you to work.

If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to weight-loss success.

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