Internet Use Connected to Cancer Prevention


New Study:  Internet Use Connected to Cancer Prevention — by Catherine Morgan

Finally, some good news about internet use.  We hear so much about the negative affects of technology and internet use on our lives, but maybe soon we will be hearing more about the positive affects too.  Maybe we will even find that the positive affects of internet use, outweigh the negative?   Today we find out about a study that actually links being an internet user to cancer prevention.

This is from Medical News Today — Internet Usage Linked to Cancer Prevention Behavior

Christian von Wagner, PhD, from University College London and lead author of the study, says:

“We accounted for sociodemographic factors that influence internet use and various measures of physical capabilities and cognitive function that decline with age, and still found an association between internet use and cancer-preventive behaviors.”

Data collected from 5,943 respondents to the English Longitudinal Study of Aging – a large, population-based cohort study – also showed that consistent users do not conform to the stereotypical image of computer users as couch potatoes. The study show that they are:

50% more likely to take part in regular physical activity
44% less likely to be a current smoker
24% more likely to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

“The interesting aspect here is a dose-response relationship between internet use and cancer preventive-behaviors: Intermittent users were more likely to have cancer-preventive behaviors than never-users, and consistent users were more likely to have cancer-preventive behaviors than intermittent users.”

So, this is great news, and I think it will be just the beginning of studies that will show internet usage being connected to healthier behaviors.

I have always thought that the greatest danger of internet use is a sedentary lifestyle (or couch potato syndrome), and we know that is very dangerous, especially to our cardiac health.  In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in this country, and studies have shown that a healthy “active” lifestyle is the best way to lower our risk.

And maybe the internet is providing women with the knowledge and support they need to lower their risk for heart disease (as well as other chronic medical conditions).  More and more I am coming across blogs and social media sites that actually encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.  Even more sites that encourage healthy eating and provide readers with delicious healthy recipes (my personal favorite is Kalyn’s Kitchen, yummy).

Ultimately, I have to believe that additional research (like this latest cancer prevention study) will continue to show the benefits of utilizing technology for a healthier lifestyles.

What do you think?  Has the Internet contributed to your health in a positive way?  Or, are you more sedentary than ever?  I would love to know your thoughts in comments.

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