Christmas is the Best Time for Forgiveness: 5 Easy Steps to get you from Angry to Peacefully Forgiving.

Forgiveness Book

I always like to write about forgiveness around the holidays, but I have been learning that most people who read blog posts don’t like them to be too long.  So, as an experiment, I decided to make my very long blog post into an incredibly short e-book.   What I now have is a Christmas-themed book on forgiveness.  Since it is so short, I priced it at just .99 cents (and I will be offering it for free at least 5 times between now and Christmas).

Here is what you get…

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness this holiday season. Whether you are forgiving yourself, a friend, or a family member; Christmas is the perfect time of year to let go of angry feelings, and find your personal peace and joy. This book will give you step-by-step instructions that will help you let go of anger and forgive. It is also full of lovely quotes on the benefits of forgiveness.