6 Tips for Making Weight Loss Your New Year’s Resolution

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If losing weight is your New Year’s Resolution for 2014, you are not alone.  But to be successful you will need to do more than just wish it.  Here are my 6 tips that will help you lose weight in the coming year.

1.  Choose a goal that is actually attainable.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by making unrealistic goals.  Instead, think hard about making an attainable resolution.

2.  Take the time to write it down.  Don’t just write that you want to lose X amount of pounds.  Make it more of an affirmation or positive statement.  Something like this…

I’m choosing to only put healthy foods into my body, and in return my body is looking and feeling great.

Get the idea?  Now, put it somewhere that you will see it, and read it to yourself frequently.

3.  Tell friends and family.  Telling people about your resolution will help keep you accountable, and also develop a support system.  You might even find someone who wants to take the journey with you.

4.  Find helpful apps.  There are apps for everything, so why not find one (or two) to help you with you resolution?  You can get them to help keep track of your calories, your workouts, even your goals.

5.  Don’t give up.  Do what ever you can to keep a positive attitude, and feel good about yourself.  Change any negative self-talk to positive self-talk, and you can start by saying something nice to yourself every time you look in the mirror.  

6.  Find a healthy diet plan that works for you, like the one in my recently published book Love the Diet, Lose the Fat.  The book has easy to follow steps that will help you lose the weight in a healthy way.   It includes a workbook and recipe section, along with many helpful tips.  (you can also download the book from amazon.com).

There you have it.  If losing weight is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you have found these tips helpful.  Happy New Year.

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