Howard Buffett & Eva Longoria’s Book (40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World)

It’s Christmas time and over 50 million people in the United States are struggling with hunger?  These people are skipping many meals because they are unable to afford food, and sadly, over 17 million of them are children.  This is a problem that affects nearly every county in the entire country.

There are so many problems where the average person can’t do anything to make a difference, but that’s not true when it comes to hunger.  We can all make a difference — donate food to your local food banks (sometimes it’s as easy as dropping non-perishables into a bin at your local supermarket).  If you want to go the extra mile, find out where your community feeds the homeless and volunteer your time. 

I just saw that Howard Buffett and Eva Longoria wrote a book showing how anyone can help, it’s called Forty Chances:  Finding Hope in a Hungry World.  book - 40 chances

No matter how big or small – whether locally, nationally, or globally – you can make a difference. We can all play an important part in finding solutions to some of our most challenging problems. Howard G. Buffett is using his 40 Chances to support the causes below. Join Howard, take up a cause, and start your 40 Chances today.

Do you wish you could help?  You can.  Here is the link to Buffett’s page with nine ways anyone can take action and help the hungry.

Also, whether you are hungry and in need of food for yourself and family, or you want to volunteer…you can find a food bank in your area at the Feeding America website.

More information about being hungry in America…

From PBS NewsHour — 50 Million Hungry in U.S.  Speaking about the film A Place at the Table

Co-director Lori Silverbush stopped by the PBS NewsHour recently to talk with Ray Suarez about the film and why the United States, which produces more food per person than any other country in the world, still has a major problem with hunger.

During this holiday season, take some time and think about the hungry among us.  And if you’re a mom or dad, get your kids involved so they learn the importance of helping the less fortunate.