Top 10 Best Health & Wellness Gifts (for the body, mind, and spirit)

Wellness gifts are the way to go during this holiday season, and here are my top ten picks.  Ranging in cost from $16 to $149, there is something for everyone on your list (maybe something for you too).  So, in no particular order, here are my top ten best health & wellness gifts for 2013.

My #1 pick is Fitbit Force wrist bands.  

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Fitbit and everyone that has one seems to love it (I hope to get one soon).  These are a great way to keep track of everything from your activity and calories burned, to goals and sleep patterns — and it all syncs to your smartphone or computer. They are $129 but you can also get them with less features for $99.


Fitbit products continuously sync your stats to your computer and smartphone. Get real-time access to your progress and reminders throughout the day without having to plug in.

#2 pick is the Indoor Aeroponic Garden

I would love to have one of these, to grow my own herbs and salad greens inside and without soil.  It’s regular price is $199 but is currently on sale for $149.

indoor garden

The AeroGarden Extra is a hi-tech, high-output indoor garden that delivers big yields and fast, healthy growth, with an Extra tall lamp arm and EXTRA powerful full spectrum grow lights. The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Extra grows herbs, salad greens, flowers, cherry tomatoes and more.

#3 Pick is the Everything Fits Gym Bag

gym bag

Most yoga mat bags only fit the yoga mat, this one gives you a great gym bag along with a place to carry your yoga mat.  And they are reasonably priced between $25-$48.

Our recycled-polyester gym bag includes a vented compartment for sneakers, outside holsters for a water bottle and cellphone, and bottom straps for lashing on a yoga mat.

#4 Pick is the Ultima Blender by Ninja

Equal to or better than the vitamix, the Ninja Ultima Blender is half the price at $199.


Ninja Ultima Blender provides you beyond professional performance! With the Dual-Stage Blending technology you can create endless possibilities. Total Crushing blades breakdown ice, whole fruits and vegetables while the High Speed Cyclonic blades puree foods into a smooth and creamy state!

Pick #5 is a Biofeedback System.  Learn to relax and de-stress with this Biofeedback System and it’s only $69.


This home biofeedback device monitors your stress levels precisely by translating tiny tension-related changes in your skin into a rising or falling tone. Think of it as a signal for your body’s overall sense of well being. When you’re stressed, the tone will be higher. When you’re relaxing, it’ll go lower. Either way, you’ll be able to listen to your body’s natural responses to stress and use those signals to bring yourself back into balance.

Pick #6 is Modern Meditation CD.  This is great for anyone who wants to meditate but finds the music boring, with the Modern Meditation CD (rock goes zen), and it’s only $16.

modern meditations cd

Shimmering electric guitars and warm percussion create serene instrumentals to wash away your stress. “Imagine,” “Across the Universe,” “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” and more classic rock tracks set the mood to seek harmony. Breathe in, rock out.

Pick #7 is the Balance Ball Chair for ergonomic back support, and it’s only $64.

balance ball chair

This chair is revolutionary in that it offers health and fitness benefits while you sit at home or the office. The patented design combines comfort and ergonomic back support, all at an affordable price. The Balance Ball Chair was developed as an effective tool for strengthening core muscles and improving spinal alignment. Removable 52cm Balance Ball can be used for exercises on or off the chair.

Pick #8 is called the Yantra Mat.  The Yantra Mat is essentially a acupressure mat.

yantra mat

With every use, the Yantra Mat reminds us: the body and mind are not distinct. The condition of one can affect the health of the other. That’s the Yantra Way: living fully – feeling more whole ­– through experiences that promote our body/mind connection.

#9 Pick is a water bottle with a built in infuser, it will infuses your water with any fruit you choose.

water bottle

Drink your H2O with a twist! Deciding to drink water is easy, following through is the tough part. To make it more palatable, try spiking your water with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. All you need is one handy gadget, the Pure Flavor Tritan Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. To make your own flavor enriched water, you start by adding fresh fruit to the infusion basket, then twist it back on and let the flavor seep through. You choose the ingredients and FlavourIt does the work! With a water bottle and fruit infuser drinking water doesn’t seem like a chore anymore, and artificially flavored drinks aren’t nearly so tempting. At home, in the office, or out on the trails, the Red Fruit Infuser makes it easy to crank up the flavor.

Last but not least, #10 Pick are SpaFinder Gift Cards.  When all else fails, gift cards make a great gift, from $25 to $500.

Cards never expire. Use at over 20,000 spa & wellness locations worldwide.

spa finder card

There you have it, my top ten best health & wellness gifts for 2013.

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