Healthy Recipe: Spicy Salmon with Corn & Bell Peppers

Healthy Recipe:  Spicy Salmon with Corn and Bell Peppers — by Catherine Morgan

Calories per serving:  215

Fat:  13g

Sugar:  2g

Protein:  18g

What you need…

4 ounces wild salmon

¼ cup corn

2 tablespoons bell peppers

2 teaspoons olive oil

½ teaspoon (extra spicy Mrs. Dash) seasoning

What to do…

Place salmon in small frying pan with olive oil and sprinkle seasoning on top.  Cook over medium-high heat until salmon is about half cooked.  Then flip salmon onto the other side, season, and continue cooking until fully cooked.  When salmon is fully cooked, slide it to one side of the frying pan and add the corn and bell peppers until warmed.  Serve.

*To reduce the fat to 4 grams and lower the calories to 140, just cook in something other than olive oil.  I usually steam the salmon in the frying pan with just water or use a cooking spray.

**I usually get my salmon individually wrapped in the frozen section at Walmart (it’s very inexpensive, and tastes great).

***You can use this same recipe with boneless chicken breast.


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