6 Easy Tips: Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Dinner Without Over Indulging

Thanksgiving Turkey

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner without the guilt of over-indulging.

1.  Did you know that by simply using a smaller plate for your Thanksgiving meal, you can reduce your calorie intake by up to 500 calories?  It’s true.  Try putting more of the turkey and vegetables on your plate, so you only have a little room for the less healthy foods (ie: stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese).

2.  Avoid the high calorie holiday beverages (you know; the sugary cocktails, eggnog, even soda), and instead go for the water (that alone could save you another 500 calories).  In fact, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also reduce your hunger and help you feel more full.

3.  Eating slowly can lower your reduce your chances of overeating.  So take it slow, and enjoy every bite.  Remember, it’s not just about the food, it’s also about the opportunity to share quality time with your family and friends.  And engaging in conversation during dinner will help you eat your meal more slowly.

4.  Wait 5 or 10 minutes before going for a second helping.  Give your brain a chance to realize it’s beginning to feel full.  If after your first plate of turkey and stuffing you are still hungry…just wait a few minutes before going in for seconds.

5.  Don’t force yourself to avoid your favorite holiday dessert.  Instead, allow yourself to indulge, just take half the serving and savor every bite.

6.  If you are asked to bring something, try making a healthier version of what you would normally bring.  For the last several years I have been bringing a lower calorie and lower fat version of pumpkin cheese cake, and my family actually says they like it better.  Here is my secret recipe, (okay, it’s really not a secret, it’s actually from my friend Kalyn’s Kitchen — pumpkin cheesecake.

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, and if you do over indulge a bit, it’s not the end of the world.

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